Washout Services

Because land development and construction companies are constantly faced with new environmental laws and regulations, Inland Erosion works hard to stay one step ahead of industry demands. The Inland Erosion team has been involved in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) compliance since 1994. When SWPPP was first introduced, we developed many solutions to help companies remain compliant. This commitment continues as we see job site demands enforced more rigorously every day. Concrete washout is one important element of compliance, and we're pleased to offer a field-proven solution that is simple, safe, and economical.

Cement products such as concrete, mortar, grout, and stucco are known to have high pH levels that are harmful to water systems, wildlife, and soil. Various methods have been used to address the onsite washout problem. However, building onsite washout pits (and rebuilding them every time they fill up), or paying a trash hauler to line a new lowboy with Visqueen, are expensive solutions. So IEC partnered with Minegar, a leading provider of concrete washout equipment, to deliver a proven solution based on many years of field-testing and development work. Inland Erosion exclusively uses Minegar's concrete washout box (CWB), believed to be the best on the market, which is ideal for developers and contractors looking for a cost effective and fully compliant method of dealing with onsite washout.

Inland Erosion's Concrete Washout System eliminates the need for onsite discharge of concrete washout water. This simple and safe system works every time, and offers the following features and benefits:

Concrete Washout Box (CWB)

  • Self-contained and watertight to eliminate leakage, and designed to support a cover in the rain
  • Can be placed on virtually any level surface, including the street
  • Easily recognizable to concrete truck drivers and other users
  • Hold more than 6 cubic yards of concrete solids
  • Will support the washout of 100-120 truck loads of cement
  • Can be used by 4 or more concrete trucks at the same time
  • Lower box makes washout more convenient
  • Easily movable design includes wheels to prevent damage to concrete and asphalt
  • Can be removed about 5 hours after washout use


  • This is a highly economical way to remove and recycle your concrete washout water - nobody beats our price per cubic yard
  • Patent pending concrete breaking system eliminates disposal charges for oversize loads
  • Eliminates costly fines and fees for non-compliance and containment
  • Prevents spill damage to concrete and asphalt
  • Replaces outdated washout procedures which are costly and damaging to the environment
  • Solids are released from the CWB without the added cost of high maintenance plastic liners


  • Exceeds EPA and SWPPP guidelines
  • Reduces unsightly messes on job sites
  • Minimizes the volume of waste sent to landfills
  • All water discharging is permitted as required prior to our pick up
  • We pick up the water from your site and process it at our facility
  • We have been recycling concrete washout water since 1999
  • All water processing and recycling operations are approved by the local municipality

It's easy to start enjoying these benefits. Here's how it works:

  1. Tell us how many concrete washout boxes (CWBs) you need.
  2. We'll deliver the CWB(s) to your job site.
  3. Fill the CWB with concrete washout water.
  4. Call us when you're ready to empty and return the CWB, or remove excess water so you can keep filling the CWB. We take care of all removal and recycling issues.

Please contact us when you're ready to start using this simple, safe, convenient, economical, and fully compliant solution.